About Us

It takes vision to lead and experience to excel, and that is precisely what BidPai is. Bidpai is partnership between senior executives from the industry who decided to consolidate their efforts and create a specialized professional services entity that leverages the extensive collective experience. Bidpai is led by highly qualified experts in several fields such as Business Management, Business Transformation, Engineering, Law, and Economics. 

With an average accumulated experience of more than 30 years of experience for each of the managing partners, Bidpai  team members have developed deep insights and great operational knowledge that enable them to identify the more executable and realistic advice.

Since its establishment in 2010, BidPai has been leading the consultancy market in Jordan by winning and successfully completing many of the tenders issued the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, The TRC- Jordan and the MoICT along with private sector projects with large corporations, like Zain, Orange and Umniah and many small enterprises in Jordan and the MENA Region.

BidPai always looks to partner with the best in any field whether local or international partners to address the market needs.

Stemming from our core competency, the name “Bidpai” has been the perfect choice to characterize us. “BidPai”; the name of the wise man in the ancient tale "The Fables of Bidpai", famously known in the Arabic version as "Kalila wa Dimna", is a Sanskrit word which means “the knowledgeable man”. Armed with our extensive and diverse knowledge, we felt this name best describes us.