About Us

It takes experience and vision to excel, and that is precisely what we have. As the Middle East telecommunications market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world especially in the past ten years, and since most countries have established regulatory bodies in order to regulate the market, a big demand for experienced advice has emerged. Due to this fact, our team has started to invest its gold mine of rich experiences and knowledge into a structured consultancy firm that serves several areas of discipline.

Although just recently established, our business has been proudly launched with great aspirations backed up with a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Bidpai has been founded in order to meet the market’s demand for consultancy in all the business aspects with special focus on the telecommunications sector in the Jordanian market and the MENA region.

Stemming from our core competency, the name “Bidpai” has been the perfect choice to characterize us. “BidPai”; the name of the wise man in the ancient tale "The Fables of Bidpai", famously known in the Arabic version as "Kalila wa Dimna", is a Sanskrit word which means “the knowledgeable man”. Armed with our extensive and diverse knowledge, we felt this name best describes us.