Projects Highlights


Regulatory and legal

  • Joint Venture with Ecorys in providing “Consultancy Services for the Development of Taxation Model for Mobile Operators” for the “TRC”.
  • Provided Orange Jordan with Consultancy Services on the “Legal and Regulatory Study of Orange Jordan PV Project”.
  •  Joint Venture with Mirage in providing “Technical and Consultancy Services” to the Competition Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade “MIT”.
  • Joint Venture with Rabión Consultancy B.V in providing “Consultancy services For Number Portability feasibility, regulatory and legal studies” for the “TRC”.
  • Contribution to the drafting and review of the Telecommunication Law, related Bylaws, and Regulatory Framework.
  • Participation in the issuance of the Postal Law, and creation of the Postal Company.
  • Participation in the establishment of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.
  • Participation in the privatization of Jordan Telecom.
  • Participation in the drafting of the telecom licenses.
  • Participating in drafting and reviewing of the following Regulatory Instructions:
    • Development of a Process for Handling Price and Service Offers.
    • Instructions on the use of jammers.
    • Consultation on Financial Guarantees.
    • Instructions on the establishment and connection of Private Networks.
    • Competition safeguards.
    • Instructions on the renewal of the individual public mobile licenses.
    • The development of Instructions on the Procedures for Making Regulatory Rules.
    • The Industry Data Collection and Publication Framework.
    • Instructions on dispute resolution.
    • Regulatory Decision on Provisioning of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Jordan.
    • Spam messaging decision.
    • Interconnection and Network Unbundling.
    • Implementation of the Universal Service Regime.
    • Instructions on annual license fees.
    • Interconnection instructions/guidelines.
    • Reference Interconnection Offer of Zain.
    • The new Licensing Regime, and transition thereto.
    • National roaming and infrastructure sharing.
    • Rules for Implementing Mobile Number Portability in Jordan.
    • The implementation of the New National Numbering Plan (“NNP”).
    • Instructions regarding General Radio Spectrum license.


  • Joint Venture with Intercai Mondiale in providing Consultancy Services on the “Revise and Update the Statement of Government Policy for the ICT and Postal Sectors 2012” for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology “MOICT”.
  • A Study on the development of Telecommunication and Information Technology in Jordan for the Jordan Economic and Social Council.
  • Contribution to the drafting of the national policy documents and vital contributions in the period of increasing liberalization of the telecom sector in Jordan
  • Participating in the drafting, coordination and review of  the Statement of Government Policy on the Information and Communications Technology Sector & Postal Sector  for 2003 and 2007".
  • Development of Policy for Frequency Use and Planning.


  • Go-to-market strategy co-preparation for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) second mobile license application by MTC Group.
  • Financial feasibility and business plan creation for a broadband over power lines project for Kingdom Electricity – Jordan.
  • Strategy realignment for Atheeb Telecom WiMax broadband/voice double play in KSA.
  • “Welcome pack” strategy for Zain Jordan (previously

    Fastlink) for the entry of Orange Mobile (previously Mobilcom).

  • Creation and execution of handset subsidy policy for both prepaid and post paid subscribers.
  • Creation of a points-based retention program for postpaid subscribers.
  • A host of product launches for both prepaid and postpaid in addition to bundled offers.
  • A host of promotions for acquisition, retention and ARPU enhancement including concept creation, technical preparations, market communications and KPI’s.
  • Negotiation of two (2) Electricity Distribution Licenses in Jordan with the Regulatory Authority ERC.
  • Strategy Creation for Electricity Distribution Business.
  • Managing a team for the conclusion of a USD. 40 Million loan from IFC.
  • Leading a study for incorporating Energy Efficiency subusidies into the Jordanian electricity regulatory regime.
  • Leading a study for the replacement of HPS street lighting with LED technology and the associated business model.


  • Joint Venture with Analysys Mason in providing “Radio wave measurement and propagation model” for the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission “TRC” .
  • Planning Satellite operations


  • Development of the fully Allocated Costing Model.