Our Services

Bidpai provides a full set of professional services in the fields of telecommunications, energy, and post, including consultancy, project management, research studies, feasibility studies and representing corporations before regulatory bodies.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

Bidpai prides itself in offering professional, specialized, and expert-oriented consultancy services in the energy, telecommunications, and post fields. Services include strategy development, feasibility studies, restructuring, ERP implementation, LRIC modeling, business modeling and forecasting, technology assessment, market assessment, acquisition target assessment.


As the importance of market analysis, studies, and situation assessment rises, Bidpai covers the need for analysis and research studies especially in the field of competition, financial, legal, feasibility studies and others. These researches and services are conducted by critical thinking experts and knowledgeable analysts.

Project Management

Bidpai proposes strategic project management and organizational structure setting that allows it to tap into a diverse talent pool. Our team possesses all the needed qualifications to lead such tasks effectively.


With the team's complete experiences within all the stakeholders of the Regulatory process including the regulatory body, the regulated companies (both as challengers and incumbents) and the policy setters , BidPai is best positioned to represent clients before regulatory bodies and will employ important insights and engagement strategies that will necessarily confer successful outcomes.